Accessories and womens clothing with Africa fabric added


Quality Styles

Fashion, it's not a phase it is who we are... expressed daily when deciding what we wear. Our handmade clothes are durable and are quality,  which should never be compromise. We at Marjorie D's Boutique focuses on quality not quantity. We're committed to providing styles  with quality and built in durability. Our bold colors and creative designs are made with you in mind.  Be the beauty you want to see.

Solid colors dresses  merged with bold  design of African fabric  creates an allure, embrace  beauty

Innovative Designs


The simple approach we have taken in our clothing line is making clothes for women that exude a beauty that is simply effortless and comfortable! It’s from this premise that we seek to capture the beauty and dynamics of a woman through African fabrics mix with other exotic fabrics. Our accessories, which is a part of our line, add to the uniqueness of the products. Our hope is to reflect our flexibility, and individualism as women in the social order of life, love, family, friends, and community. We hope you'll be empowered through our designs, which reflects strength, tenacity and exclusivity.  Our goal is treating each woman as special, which they are, through our service and quality products.


Embrace The Beauty In You!

Fashion, it's not a phase but rather who we are... live life boldly! Women's clothing. online shopping